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  • Task Management


    Be Visionary

    Managing at the task level limits management exposure to work activity as the primary measure of work performance. Analyzing activities at this level results in utilizing less sophisticated methods for analysis. The primary decision tools become observation of procedures and step analysis. These measurement systems are basic and rudimentary. They are inconsistent because each individual performs tasks using different steps or procedures. Decisions are ad hoc.

    How do I Start?
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    Companies that manage at the task level are not visionary and will not achieve their company's strategic goals.

  • Process Management


    Think Lean

    Process Management defines what a functional group is tasked to perform. BPM provides methods to identify processes. It utilizes appropriate tools to capture the processes and presents a systematic approach to measure them for improvement. Proper identification of business processes leads to business agility, as companies can quickly shift the focus to the processes that provide a value stream that is in line with their corporate goals and strategies.

    What do I do?
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    Defining processes precedes the consideration of what needs to be done for efficiency, effectiveness and Lean Thinking.

  • Business Management



    BPM provides the information, training and direction for critical analysis. Organizational growth is not simply done by just wanting to grow. Companies today have to grow faster with less resources and waste. “Lean  Thinking”  allows for growth by deliberately finding areas for optimization. To innovate one has to apply a systematic approach to understanding the key factors that lead to "Lean Thinking". These key factors are the basis of understanding the value of BPM.

    Where Do I Begin?
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    To innovate you must have the right tools and measurements to allow for proper decision making.

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    Founded in 2001, KEDAR Information Technologies is a leader in providing Business Process Management (BPM) solutions and consulting. Our Business Value Alignment (BVA)™ Methodology is a proven approach to identifying current business processes and associating them with the organization’s strategies and goals.

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